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Who We Are

African Council is an independent, voluntary organisation dedicated to the needs of the African communities in Scotland, Africa and beyond. The Council is registered in Companies House as a Scottish company limited by guarantee and has a charitable status from OSCR.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our objective are central to the advancement of active citizenship, community development and the promotion of equality and diversity with reference to the diverse members of the African community in Scotland and beyond; and in furtherance of this, the Council shall:

  • Engender, defend and celebrate the best in our African culture(s), history and values.

  • Promote the attainment of education and life skills especially among African youth in order to prepare them for the world of work and enable them to contribute towards the social and economic development of the communities in which they live as well to Africa’s social and economic development.

  • Enhance Africans’ participation in social and economic endeavours which empower them to achieve economic self reliance and enable them to contribute to Scottish as well as International/African economic development.

  • Advance active citizenship among Africans through engagement with and participation in political processes, institutions and leadership, both in Africa and in diaspora; and to work in partnership with other organisations in order to influence government policy on matters affecting the welfare of African communities in Scotland as well as on the African continent.

  • To conduct research to inform, influence and support decisions and policies which further the aims and objectives of the Council.

  • To undertake such other activities and projects as would contribute to the furtherance of the Council’s mission, aims and objectives.

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