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Our Current Projects

Empowering African People 

A pilot Scottish Government funded project looking into the nature, extent, and impact of African unemployment and underemployment in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Pending the success of this project, the Council is intending to seek further funding from the Scottish Government and other sources to extend the project to other regions of Scotland as part of a wider engagement projects focusing on African Empowerment and Representation in all areas of the Scottish society.

The African Council will undertake such other activities and projects as would contribute to the furtherance of the Council’s mission, aims and objectives.


We research on issues that will inform, influence and support decisions and policies which further the aims and objectives of the Council.


We engage with our communities to ensure a vibrant and self-sustaining African people living, learning, and working in Scotland as equal and independent people.


We seek to inform and influence government policies on matters affecting the welfare of African communities in Scotland

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